I support people like you to make a real difference to their health through diet and lifestyle.

A 15 minute call to discuss your health goals and for you to gain a better understanding of how I work.

Are you relying on caffeine or sugar to get you through your day? 

How would it feel to finally conquer your bloating,
to not have that burning reflux, and
to be able to concentrate, now your brain fog has gone?

Maybe you have gained weight and are worried about a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes?

Maybe you've been reassured everything is normal but you know your exhaustion is letting you down.

I understand. 
I know exactly how you feel, and I can help people just like you.

"I have actually lost weight without having to attend a slimming group, for the first time in my life!" JC 2021.
"[A] great experience, support as of when required, clear protocols food planning and list of foods provided for gut healing"
AB 2021.

"I'm sleeping better, waking up less. I have more energy; my moods are much more stable. My binge eating sweets, chocolate, crisps and junk food has almost stopped. While I do have a treat, I am no longer craving those things." SJ 2021.