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Learn a little more about me and my practice here. 

My Story

I first gained an interest in proactive health in 1987 when I was a vegetarian and eager to gain all of the micronutrients I required to have a balanced diet. I had always struggled with being overweight as an adult, despite being a vegetarian. In my early 30's I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I was told to just take medication for the whole of my life and I would feel normal. I never did.


Then I became a nurse and had to deal with shift work and stress in my life daily. Hospital restaurants were not designed to provide nutritious food, it's largely cheap and comforting. Often breaks were too short to change and go to seek hot food at all. My body mass increased and my health became worse. Eventually, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and most scarily, sleep apnoea.


When I learned that I had these conditions I knew I had to rethink. I didn't just want to medicate and not address the root cause. I didn't want to develop many of the illnesses that my hospital patients suffered. How could I go beyond medicating to help myself and increase the life in my years? I needed to take charge of my health.


I learned about nutrition, devised strategies to optimise my health and began to feel better. Then people began asking how I had done it and if I could help them. I studied to be a fitness instructor in 2014 which included some nutrition learning, then I later upgraded my knowledge to a postgraduate course in Nutrition Science and Practice, qualifying in August 2021. 


I realised people were struggling to apply the nutritional interventions they had chosen soon after and completed my Health Coaching Diploma in 2022 to assist with this. I soon followed this up with a qualification in Life Coaching. Now I look forward to helping my clients address their aims using all of my clinical skills. 


I find that people choose me to be their coach or nutritionist because of my clinical background and my well-developed listening skills.


My health is not perfect but I have improved it greatly using nutrition and lifestyle and I believe you can too. Let’s do this together. 

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