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I am grateful for all testimonials, a selection of which are provided here. 

AM 2024 I felt heard and listened to and understood. I felt a connection with you from the beginning with your warmth and empathy. A good experience and I looked forward to our meetings.

JM 2023 Melody has a very welcoming, friendly and non judgemental approach . I felt very comfortable to discuss health issues with her . Her medical knowledge is a great help too

BP 2022 (diverticular disease) Melody was a delight to work with. Our phone consultations were great, she sent me loads of links and information and I certainly felt much better with the advice and information she gave me. I highly recommend her.






AB 2022 (Reflux/GERD)

Great experience, support as of when required, clear protocols food planning and list of foods provided for gut healing.



KR 2022 (upper digestion) From the first interaction with Melody, she put me at ease and I felt very confident in telling her all about my disease. I found her very informative and she explained things to me really clearly and I trusted her advice from the outset. All sessions were well prepared for and there was lots of information sharing and information that I was able to download and take away with me, over the three sessions. I tried all [the] advice that Melody gave to help me see what would work for me and as a result, my issues have severely reduced and I am feeling so much better. I would really recommend Melody and her service.


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BJ 2024 (upper digestion/bloating) Being able to discontinue a medication which I have been taking for years. Also discovering that I am lactose sensitive.

EP 2024 (Reflux) From the initial phone call, I felt listened to and my feeling validated. Melody was extremely thorough and considered in her approach to finding the right plan to suit my symptoms and my lifestyle. 

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Nutritionist in Manchester
Nutritionist Manchester
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